Canada Express Entry System

Looking to start a new life in Canada and become a permanent resident? The Canada Express Entry system could be your path to success! This innovative federal immigration program allows skilled workers from all over the world to apply for permanent residency in Canada based on their education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors.

The Express Entry system is composed of three main programs:

The table below summarizes the main requirements of the afore-mentioned economic programs.


Eligibility Requirements Federal Skilled Worker Program Federal Skilled Trades Program Canadian Experience Class
Languanges: English or French Skills CLB 7 • CLB 5 for speaking & listening • CLB 4 for reading & writing • CLB 7 for NOCO & A • CLB 5 for NOC B
Level of Work Experience (NOCs) O, A, or B B O, A, or B
Location of Work Experience Canadian or foreign experience Canadian or foreign experience Canadian Experience
Time of Work Experience 1yr continuous in the last 10yrs. (Full- time, part-time or different jobs in combination) 2yrs within the last 5yrs (Full- time or part-time work combination) 1yr within the last 3yrs (Full-time or part-time job combination)
Job Offer Not required Required: • A full-time job offer for at least 1yr • A certificate of qualification in that specific skill profession given by the Canadian provincial, national or federal authority Not required
Education Secondary education required Not required Not required

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At West Coast Immigration Consultants, we have a team of experienced immigration consultants who can help you navigate the complex Express Entry system and achieve your immigration goals. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Eligibility Assessment Our first step is to assess your eligibility for the Express Entry system. We'll review your education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors to determine your eligibility and potential CRS score.

Step 2:

Create an Express Entry Profile If you're eligible, we'll help you create an online profile with the Canadian government. This profile will showcase your skills and qualifications and allow you to enter the Express Entry pool.

Step 3:

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Scoring Once your profile is in the Express Entry pool, you'll be assigned a CRS score based on factors such as your age, education, language proficiency, and work experience. The higher your CRS score, the better your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

Step 4:

Invitations to Apply: The Canadian government holds regular draws from the Express Entry pool, inviting the highest-ranking candidates to apply for permanent residency. If you receive an invitation to apply, we'll help you complete the application and submit it to the government.

Step 5:

Permanent Residency If your application is approved, you'll receive permanent residency status in Canada and be able to start a new life in this beautiful country.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact West Coast Immigration Consultants today to learn more about the Canada Express Entry system and how we can help you achieve your immigration dreams.


Canada visa express entry provides a pathway to permanent residency for skilled workers in the country or overseas. This entry will not in quick processing time which is usually six months or less

tiger individuals who meet the following requirements

  • Be under 30 years old Hold at least two bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Be able to demonstrate moderate or high English and French Language proficiency Contact Stor immigration, the best express entry viso consultant in Brompton for more information

Express entry proles are valid for months. The candidate will need to renew their application every 12 months. However, if their Comprehensive Banking System (C) is low there is a chance they may not receive an invitation to apply

The ideal candidates for an express entry visa into Canada must:

  • Be under 30 years old
  • Hold at least two bachelors or master’s degree
  • Be able to demonstrate moderate or high English and French Language proficiency

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After filling out profile for express entry, your application will be ranked according to points system you are highly ranked you will be invited to apply for a PR as a skilled resident.

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