Sponsor Family/Visitor Visa

Sponsor a Spouse/Common Law Partner, Child, Orphan, or Relative. 

Don’t risk the refusal of your application by just filling forms without knowledge of the law*. Once an application is refused, a permanent record is created. Seek professional help from an experienced, ICCRC certified consultant. Get help via a consultation today.

Parental sponsorship

Parental sponsorship is on hold.  In 2014, the maximum of 5,000 applications was already accepted.  Contact us to get your application ready for 2015.

Supervisas are an interim option. The new Super Visa provides a 10-year multiple entry visa for elligible applicants, allowing them to visit Canada for a maximum period of 2 years at a time.

Family sponsorship

When you, (a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident), sponsor an immediate family member for immigration to Canada it is considered a Family Class case and includes:

  • The spouse, common-law or conjugal partner of the person;
  • A dependent child of the person or of the person’s spouse, common-law or conjugal partner;
  • A dependent child of the dependent child
  • Orphan brothers, sisters, nephew/niece under 18 years and destitute children under 18 years of age whom a Canadian wishes to adopt;
  • In-case a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident has no relative in Canada and no Family Class Relative whom he/she can Sponsor, they can Sponsor any one relative for Immigration to Canada;

Spouses and dependent children’s application are processed on a priority basis. Settlement and other requirements do apply in some cases. There is a combined application for spouses and dependent children. The sponsorship originates in Canada.

In the case of a refusal of family class application, the sponsor has the Right of Appeal (except in certain circumstances) to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada) – Immigration Appeal Division.

*You must have knowledge of the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act, regulations, policy & relevant Federal Court decisions for a successful application.