Express Entry

As of January 2nd, 2015, Canada immigration has started a new program called Express Entry. As a result, applicants cannot file applications under Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade Worker, or Canada Experience Class directly. These classes of applications are processes as part of Express Entry.

In order to qualify for immigration, application is filed based on age, education, work experience and proficiency in English or French.

The process is:

1. File for expression of interest. This is valid for 12 months

2. Canada immigration will pick suitable applicants every 2-3 weeks based on Canadian occupational demand. Once an applicant is picked he or she will be given 60 days to file an application. There will be no extension of time so the applicant must be ready with all documents and meet all basic requirements in advance of filing their application.

3. Once the application is filed, the applicant will be granted immigration in approximately 6 months.

In order to qualify under this process, applicants will receive points for their age, education, language, as well as other factors out of a total score of 600. If someone has a validated labour market impact assessment an additional 600 points are awarded. Applicants who come to Canada on a work permit or on a student visa and have obtained Canadian work experience are likely to get preference. It is expected there will be approximately 180,000 applicants selected under Express Entry annually.

In order to make a successful application it is important that individuals have a proper understanding of the legal requirements and file initial application in a manner that will later on have no contradictions. Otherwise, an application can result in misrepresentation and result in a denial of the application.

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